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Sally Loves…

January 16, 2016

unnamedunnamed (1)unnamed (2)SallyLovesbooks(geared for children ages 4-9) follow the adventures of the title character, a young girl named Sally, who is adventurous, energetic, charming and determined. Sally inspires young readers to get up, start moving and seek out sports or activities that they love and enjoy. Sally Loves… books impart simple, positive messages about growing up happy, independent and self-confident


Here are some reviews from young ladies that read the Sally Loves… collection.


“I think the illustration from book Sally Loves…To Swim. I like how hard Sally worked. My favorite part of the book was when Sally finds out that her mother was a triathlete and she runs in triathlons. This is my opinion of the book.” -Micah Evans, 10 y/o

“The book Sally Loves…To Dance is about how Sally dances with her friend, Evangelyne and her sister in a luau. I thought this book was very easy to read and had basic vocabulary. The illustration was pretty and simple. I think this book is aimed towards girls ages, 8-10 years old.” -Nadia Evans, 12 y/o


As each story unfolds, children learn valuable lessons about following one’s dreams, the rewards of determination and the joys of friendship and family. Sally Loves… books include the following:

•    Sally Loves to Swim inspires children to be active and have confidence ($19.95)

•    Sally Loves to Dance encourages working hard to fulfill a dream ($19.95)

•    Sally Loves Coloring, Activities, and Sticker book engages children through fun activities, word searches, mazes and pages of re-usable stickers ($12.95)


Sally Loves… are available at www.champyouth.comAmazon, and select book and specialty stores.



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“It’s definitely a great series to read with your kids or even have them read it to you. My niece . . . fell in love with the books”…/…/sally-loves-review/

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Posted by Jody Mackey on Jan 13, 2016 under

Perfect Gift for Big Dreamers. 


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Posted by Jody Mackey on Jan 12, 2016 under


Today’s review is from the book series Sally Loves. Typically these books are geared towards 4-9 year olds but Kyliee being three loved both books and throughly enjoyed the coloring and activity book. She is in her coloring stage and we read to her each and every night. Unless she falls asleep. We want to get her into a routine of loving to read because I absolutely have a love of books. Everyone else in the house reads but I could read all day long. Reading is a big part in everyone’s life and I make sure to read to my nieces and nephews, and I love when they take the time to read to Kyliee and show her how fun reading is.


Sally continues to inspire. She is as charming as ever in this new book, Sally Loves . . . to Dance! Sally dances ballet, tap, jazz, and more, but she dreams about hula dancing in a luau with her best friend. Sally loves . . . to Dance! is about dreaming and encouragement, family, friendship and being able to achieve one’s goals. It is impossible not to feel the joy and accomplishment as Sally finishes a performance on stage with one of her best friends. Sally gives children hope and the confidence to try new things. The uplifting theme will resonate with children and parents alike.


Sally Loves . . . to Swim! is a charming story about an active young girl who is motivated by her older brother and her mother’s athleticism. Sally swims, bikes, runs, and dreams about doing a triathlon like her mom. Sally Loves . . . to Swim! is about dreaming and encouragement, family, friendship, and being able to achieve one’s goals. Sally Loves . . . to Swim! gives children hope and the confidence to try new things. The illustrations are adorable. It is an inspiring picture book for children and early readers.


Its definitely a great series to read with your kids or even have them read it to you. My niece came over to stay the night with me and she just turned 8 and she fell in love with the books and she sat with Kyliee and read to her and they colored and played with the stickers. I can’t wait for our next visit.


Take a few moments and check out all the books for yourself. Have a great time reading and as always have a great day and see you next time.

You can find Sally loves books at, Amazon, and select book and specialty stores.

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Posted by Jody Mackey on Jan 10, 2016 under

I love to dance as much as I love to ride—but a dancing horse is a dream come true, to be sure!

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