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About Sally

Sally Loves to Swim, Jody Mackey’s first children's story may be her favorite. Sally is adventurous, energetic, charming and ever so determined. Destined to be a classic—even generating a companion activity book with coloring pages, stickers, word mazes, and games.  The second book, Sally Loves to Dance shows a softer, prettier side of Sally, yet still as charming and inspiring as ever. In the third, Sally Loves Horses Sally is passionate about horses, equally determined and has just the right amount of fearlessness. What is it about this character that has endeared her to young readers and parents alike? The answer is—she could be anyone of us.


Sally has been described as active, fun, enthusiastic, and having an absolute willingness to try new, sometimes unconventional, activities. She may not be the fastest, or the even the most competitive, but she certainly is going to give it her all and enjoy herself along the way. Sally stands out, not because of the sports or the activities she does, but because her determination is inspiring to all of us. In the story, Sally Loves to Swim, Sally nervously tells her best friend, "I think I have butterflies in my stomach," and then she wishes her “Good Luck!” and starts the race regardless. Young girls everywhere can identify with her and imagine themselves trying new activities.


No doubt about it, Sally is a special little girl, and that's what makes her such a uniquely wonderful role model. When kids these days are glued to the TV or iPad, she gives young girls the inspiration to get up, start moving and seek out sports or activities that they love and enjoy. Sally empowers girls to make their dreams come true—hopefully develop an appetite for lifelong activity along the way. Sally inherited her spirited personality from her creator, Jody Mackey. Like Sally, Mackey is active, enjoys and competes in sports and many activities. Her list of talents is considerable—an author, an illustrator, an Ironman triathlete, a runner, a cyclist, an equestrian and even a golfer. She is first and foremost a wife and companion who surrounds herself with family and close friends.


Mackey always considers herself more an artist-illustrator than a writer, however, is known to admit how much she enjoys, telling the stories and inserting friends, family members, and even pets into them. As each story unfolds, in addition to important lessons about following one’s dreams, Mackey always finds a way to illustrate the rewards of determination and the joys of friendship and family.