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Where Amazing and Books come together - The Tucson Festival of Books 2016 was the best event ever!! Hundreds of little girls went home with big smiles and Sally Loves . . . books! This is the second year in a row that we sold out of Sally Loves to Dance! books.

Thank you to Halau Hula O'Ualani you...

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"Sally Loves Books are a delightful series of books that offers simple messages of growing up happy, independent and self-confident. There’s nothing better than learning to love yourself and that’s the lesson this series subtly provides to young people. Love these two girls, after they read ...

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Amazing news! The Champ Youth - Sally Loves, giveaway with J-14 Magazine, Twist Magazine, Girls World Magazine, M Magazine, and AstroGirl are all LIVE!


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Sally Loves to Swim by Jody Mackey


Does someone in your family have a love for swimming, running and biking? Sally’s family does. This picture book shares the story of Sally and her love for … you guessed it, swimming.

Written and illustrated by Jody Mackey, this book looks at the passion Sally has for doing what she loves and that is swimming. She strives to become a triathlete like her mother and the book takes us on her journey.

Mom’s Lifesavers loves books that get kids excited about trying new things and reaching for their dreams and this book is no exception. Their is also a companion book to the series that is Sally Loves … Coloring, Activities and Sticker Book. With the same great illustrations you will find in the book, the activity book is ready for your young reader to color, draw and play.


Sally Loves … to Swim

Is available at and

Other titles in the series: Sally Loves … to Dance, and coming soon, Sally Loves … Horses

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Posted by Jody Mackey on Mar 19, 2016 under

All young girls need to be encouraged to ‘reach for the stars,’ and in this charming book by Jody Mackey, they’ll see what happens when a young dancer goes for her dream. . . Combine this upbeat story with the author’s simple, yet lovely illustrations, and you have a wonderful story to enga...

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Sally Loves Children's Books are the Perfect Gift for the Big Dreamer

Juliann Newton 
 12/17/2015 11:02PM 


Champ Youth is an online company which publishes, promotes and sells the Sally Loves children's series by author/illustrator Jody Mackey. Mackey’s vision is to inspire and encourage young children to gain confidence and have the will to follow their dreams.

Sally Lovebooks motivate kids to seek out activities they love and enjoy. Explore, Play and have Fun!

In addition to the books, has companion Coloring, Activity and Sticker Books, Tee Shirts, Print & Play Coloring Pages, Games, Contests, and more. is the Official Source for all things—Sally Loves.

I really think that Sally Loves books would be the perfect gift for young girls. I received copies of Sally Loves books to review and they are listed below.

Sally Loves . . . to Swim!

Sally Loves . . . to Swim! is a charming story about an active young girl. Sally swims, bikes, runs and dreams about doing a triathlon like her mom. As the story unfolds, in addition to important lessons about following one’s dreams, Mackey always finds a way to illustrate the rewards of determination and the joys of friendship and family. The illustrations are adorable. A great picture book for young children and early readers!

Sally Dance!

Sally dances ballet, tap, jazz, and more, but she dreams about hula dancing in a luau with her best friend. Sally loves to Dance! is about dreaming and encouragement, family, friendship and being able to achieve one’s goals. It is impossible not to feel the joy and accomplishment as Sally finishes a performance on stage with one of her best friends.

Sally Loves.....Coloring, Activities and Stickers


 Softcover Perfect Bound Activity Book with Coloring pages, Puzzle and Game pages, Drawing pages & Re-Usable Sticker pages.

For more information, go to:

Disclaimer: I received copies of these books to review. All opinions are my own.

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Sally Loves is an inspirational series of books offering encouraging messages for [young] girls.

Youth gain confidence and desire for sports with the Sally Loves . . . ™ series. What better way to encourage our children toi read than by creating a book for the sports [and activities] they are int...

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