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Why I love the Sally Loves books:

As you can tell from spending any amount of time on the blog I’m a big reader. I love books, especially ones that encourage positive self esteem in yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are an adult or child, we all need positive self esteem.

While you are busy finding items for your children’s Easter baskets this season, I highly suggest these books. The stories are engaging and the pictures are bright and colorful. I love the coloring/activity book as well.

If you click on Sally’s World on their website, you can find out more about the books. They also have a printable coloring page, crossword puzzle and contests you can enter.

These books are great for one of my nieces. She is 11 and we all remember how awkward that age was. There are times she struggles with becoming the beautiful and smart young lady she is becoming. These books I hope will help her find what she is passionate about and blossom.

@SallyLoves_ books help foster inspire and gain self confidence in young children.