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Posted by Jody Mackey on Apr 17, 2017 under

Spark a child's imagination—give a book.

     Reading creates a passion for life. A new book can open up possibilities, new ideas, and dreams. Sally Loves children's books inspire and encourage young girls to gain confidence and have the will to follow their dreams. The series' title character, Sally, has been described as active, fun, enthusiastic, and having an absolute willingness to try new, sometimes unconventional, activities. She may not be the fastest, or the even the most competitive, but she certainly is going to give it her all and enjoy herself along the way. Sally stands out, not because of the sports or the activities she does, but because her determination is inspiring to all of us. In the story, Sally Loves to Swim, Sally nervously tells her best friend, "I think I have butterflies in my stomach," and then she wishes her “Good Luck!” and starts the race regardless. Young girls everywhere can identify with her and imagine themselves trying new activities.

    Sally loves to Dance is a charming, inspiring story about dancing and friendship. Perfect for budding dancers. And, Sally Loves Horses a heart-warming story about Sally's passion for horses and dreaming of competing in a barrel race at the rodeo with her friends. A favorite for horse lovers.

     No doubt about it, Sally is a special little girl, and that's what makes her such a uniquely wonderful role model. When kids these days are glued to the TV or iPad, she gives young girls the inspiration to get up, start moving and seek out sports and often new activities. Sally empowers girls to make their dreams come true—hopefully, develop the determination and a love for lifelong activity along the way.