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Sally Loves Horses! (Hardcover)

Casebound Hardcover with dustcover  8.5 X 11 in

Sally Loves Horses! is a heart-warming story about an active young girl—an inspiring, beautiful book about horses and friendship. Perfect for horse lovers.


Sally is passionate about horses. She is charming, energetic, ever so determined. This book is for every little girl who has ever dreamed of trying something new—hoping to compete in a barrel race at the rodeo with her friends; Sally dedicates herself to horses and riding. As the story unfolds, in addition to valuable lessons about following your dreams, author, Jody Mackey always finds a way to illustrate the rewards of determination and the encouragement from friendship and family. This excellently illustrated girl's book is perfect for children and early readers!

“A graceful, inspiring children’s book about horseback riding.” —Kirkus Reviews


Interest level 5-10  Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: Easy to read   Score: 84.9 Automated Readability Index: 3.2

Grade Level: 8-9 yrs. old (Third to Fourth graders)

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