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New Book, “Sally Loves.. to Swim!”

Sally Loves... TO SWIM!’ is a charming story about an active young girl who is motivated by her older brother, and her mother’s athleticism. Sally swims, bikes, runs and dreams about doing a triathlon like her mom. ‘Sally Loves... TO SWIM!’ is about dreaming and encouragement, family, friendship and being able to achieve ones goals. ‘Sally Loves... TO SWIM!’ gives children hope and the confidence to try new things. The illustrations are adorable. This is a great picture book for children and early readers!

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  • Exercise, be Happy!

    Jan 20, 2015

    Exercise also benefits the brain

    New research continues to demonstrate the effectiveness of exercise in combating depression, which can resurge during post holiday months when people are getting back to routines, UT Southwestern Medical Center psychiatrists say.

    People who exercise frequently are ...

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