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Promote early Reading for Children

How do you encourage your child to read?


The research has been done and children raised in homes that promote reading will grow up to be better readers and be more successful in school and later in life. 

Teaching your child to read is only a beginning. Show your child that you are a reader. Read with your children, when your child sees that reading is important to you, she may decide that it is also important to her. 

Start with a plan. It doesn’t need to be complicated. Make it fun.   

1). Make reading a regular activity in your home.

2). Show your child that you read, even if it’s only a magazine or a newspaper.

3). Start a library at home for your child. Having children's books of her own in a special place shows her how important books are. 

4). Ask your child to get one of her books and sit together as you read your book, magazine, or newspaper.

5). Make a date with your child to go to the library or the bookstore. Look for books! Get a book for yourself, too.

Finding the right book is the first step to becoming a reader for life. Keep in mind that young children most often enjoy books about people, places, and things that are familiar to them. If your child loves sports, ballerinas or even horses, look for books about those interests. Chances are that your child will want to read even more.

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"Other than helping your children to grow up healthy and happy, the most important thing that you can do for them is to help them develop their reading skills. It is no exaggeration to say that how well children learn to read affects directly not only how successful they are in school but how well they do throughout their lives. When children learn to read, they have the key that opens the door to all the knowledge of the world. Without this key, many children are left behind."

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