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About Sally



Jody Mackey’s favorite books for girls, Sally Loves . . . to Swim, is destined to be classic, producing a companion activity kids book with coloring pages, stickers, word mazes, and games. The original Sally is adventurous, energetic, charming and ever so determined. The second book, Sally Loves . . . to Dance, shows a softer, prettier side of Sally yet still as charming and inspiring as ever. In the third book, Sally Loves . . . Horses, Sally is passionate about horses, equally determined and has just the right amount of fearlessness. What is it about this children's book character that has endeared her to young readers and parents alike? The answer is—she could be any one of us.

No doubt about it, Sally is a special little girl, and that's what makes her such a uniquely wonderful role model. When kids these days are glued to the TV or iPad, she inspires young girls to get up, start moving and seek out sports or activities that they love and enjoy. Sally empowers girls to make their dreams come true—hopefully, develop an appetite for lifelong activity along the way.